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Dermaheal products by Derma Solution

Dermaheal is a product line that focuses on healing in the dermis. The products under this brand contain special ingredients that help promote the skin, as well as biomimetic peptides. The actives are placed in microscopic nanocapsules, due to which they easily penetrate the stratum corneum and affect the cells of the dermis. The penetration of peptides into the deep layers of the skin and the use of two-layer nanoencapsulation provides a prolonged result.

Dermaheal mesotherapy treatments range from powerful fat-dissolving injections to skin rejuvenation and anti-wrinkle solutions. The products under the Dermaheal line are all non-toxic to the skin. The compositions are thoroughly cleaned in laboratory conditions. The products in this line include:

  • Dermaheal Dark circle solution helps eliminate dark circles around the eye that occur due to fatigue. It also improves skin hydration and offers UV rays protection.
  • Dermaheal Eyebag solution contains biomimetic peptides that improve microcirculation, reducing eye bags and other lymphatic obstructions.
  • Dermaheal HL is a hair product from Dermaheal that performs a wide range of functions, including stimulating hair growth, to preventing hair loss. 
  • Dermaheal HSR helps improve skin appearance by eradicating wrinkles and fine lines on the face. It also helps stimulate the production of new skin cells while eradicating age-related scars and spots.
  • Dermaheal LL is a lipolytic solution that helps burn body fat. It is perfect for use in parts of the body where excess fat is a challenge. It is ideal for application on the waist region, around the belly, buttocks, knees, and inner shoulder.
  • The final Dermaheal product is the Dermaheal SR, which contains HA. This cosmetic product is ideal for skin moisture maintenance and skin pores reduction. It also helps rid the skin of wrinkles and fine lines by stimulating the natural production of collagen and elastin.

Key Benefits for Dermaheal

  • Dermaheal by Caregen helps improve natural collagen and elastin production, thereby boosting skin elasticity.
  • The Dermaheal HSR is ideal for removing age-related spots and scars, as well as post-acne spots
  • It helps improve skin moisture, rejuvenating the skin and improving its appearance
  • Dermaheal skin care products also help boost skin texture and color with their lightening attributes
  • Dermaheal products do not cause allergic reactions, since the compounds used inherit exact human peptides.
  • Dermaheal LL is ideal for burning excess fat in some body areas, especially around the belly, waist region, and buttocks.
  • Dermaheal is a global beauty brand with customers in over 120 countries, with top-notch products and services.
  • The Dermaheal Eeybag solution is ideal for eye-bag reduction as it helps prevent lymphatic obstruction. Also, it has anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties, thereby hastening skin repair when damage occurs.

Who is Dermaheal For?

  • This product is ideal for people looking to slow inflammation and aging with no side effects.
  • It helps rid the face of age-related spots and scars as well as problems like eye bags and circles caused by stress.
  • Works perfectly for boosting collagen production and natural elasticity within skin cells. 
  • It facilitates hair growth, improving its shine, sheen, and texture. It also enhances hair moisture and hydration. 


  • Regardless of Dermaheal product, the ideal dosage is one vial per session, where one session is one week
  • For optimal results, repeat treatment for 4 to 5 sessions.