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The Rejeunesse brand is one of the best cosmetics producers in the world today, with a diverse range of products. There are three major Rejeunesse filler products.

Rejeunesse Deep

The Rejeunesse Deep is a face rejuvenation product that volumizes the cheeks and lips and improves skin moisture content. It uses cross-linked fiber technology that guarantees you enjoy the effect of the Rejeunesse lip filler for longer. Also, suitable for the correction of intimate areas. This anti-aging product’s monophasic structure makes it more stable, which reduces inter-tissue migration.Β 

Rejeunesse Fine

The Rejeunesse Fine is an innovative product ideal for correcting wrinkles, regardless of size. It also makes the skin appear younger by eliminating mild age-related skin changes.Β 

This treatment helps improve skin structure and texture. It also boosts skin moisture content, and its effects are long-lasting.Β 

Rejeunesse Shape

With production standards that meet and surpass industry leaders, the Rejeunesse Shape is ideal for patients over 50 years old. It primarily acts as a volumizer, smoothing out deep wrinkles. The Rejeunesse Shape also contains cross-linked fiber content, which guarantees long-lasting effects.Β 

Key Benefits of Rejeunesse Filler

  • Rejeunesse filler is a high-quality dermal filler that helps improve skin health and appearance by adding volume to the face.
  • This product rids the face of fine lines and wrinkles, regardless of the size.Β 
  • The Rejeunesse Filler injection is painless, guaranteeing comfort all through.Β 
  • The product is also safe for use as it contains purified and high-quality hyaluronic acid components and does not contain BDDE cross-linker residues.
  • The effects of this dermal filler last for a long period, usually between 8 to 12 months, due to its high concentration of cross-linked fibers.

Who is Rejeunesse Filler for?

  • Ideal for improving the facial volume and skin appearance.
  • Improves skin texture and structure, while boosting moisture content.
  • The product does not migrate from the treatment zone, making it perfect for eradicating wrinkles and fine lines in a short period.


  • For best results, use a 27G needle on the eyebrows, perioral lines, lip, nasolabial, and forehead.
  • Inject 1.1ml of the product into the forehead, brow, and other troublesome facial areas.
  • Store the product at room temperature between 2 and 25 degrees Celsius, protecting it from sunshine and freezing, for optimal results.