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Neuramis Deep No Lido

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Neuramis Deep Lido

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Neuramis Lido

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Neuramis Volume Lido

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Neuramis Korea filler, developed by a South Korean manufacturer Medytox is a high-purity hyaluronic acid dermal filler. The high-quality hyaluronic acid used in Neuramis fillers is stable, and its molecules are crosslinked. This crosslinking ensures that the effect of Neuramis fillers lasts longer, consequently extending the time between injections. These popular fillers, made using the company’s patented SHAPE technology and approved by FDA and EDQM, are reliable and guarantee the best results on use. 

Four Neuramis filler product series are Meso, Light, Deep, and Volume. These products facilitate skin rejuvenation, giving it a healthier appearance. Also, the gel used in Korean filler Neuramis is non-migratory, which ensures the product does not spread to other areas of injection but remains and acts on the spot injection. 

These hyaluronic acid-based products also help improve skin moisture content, ensuring it remains hydrated for longer. Neuramis fillers all contain lidocaine, a compound that makes the injection procedure as painless as possible. They are ideal for treating all types of wrinkles, including static, deep, and shallow ones. Aside from wrinkles, neuramis lip filler also helps correct nasolabial folds and lip symmetry. 

Neuramis fillers are safe and fully biocompatible with human tissue, breaking down with zero residue production over time. Also, they are hypoallergenic, making them safe for use on different skin types without fear of hypersensitivity reactions. 

Key Benefits of Neuramis Filler

  • Neuramis filler helps correct different types of wrinkles, including superficial, medium, and deep ones. It also helps correct lip asymmetry, making it more symmetrical.
  • Crosslinked hyaluronic acid and Neuramis fillers help improve skin moisture content, preventing dehydration.
  • They are biocompatible and safe for use on different skin types and sensitivity levels, meaning they do not evoke an allergic reaction.
  • These products break down completely within the skin tissues, leaving no harmful residues. Also, their effects last long.
  • The procedure for injecting Neuramis filler is painless, often guaranteeing patient satisfaction because it contains lidocaine. 

Is this Neuramis Filler for you?

  • Neuramis filler is a long-lasting solution for wrinkles, fine lines, and other facial skin imperfections.
  • A safe product, ideal for use on different skin types, and breaks down completely, leaving no residue.
  • It is perfect for individuals with dry facial skin, as its HA component helps improve skin moisture content.


  • Depending on the Neuramis product and user need, inject into the chin, cheek, lips, and forehead.
  • Inject into the middle and deep layers of the skin for optimal results
  • Keep the injected area cool to reduce its tendency for puffiness.