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Skin Care & Cosmetics

Curenex Daily Sheer Sunscreen

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Skin Boosters

Curenex eye

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Skin Care & Cosmetics

Curenex Rejuvenating Cream

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Skin Care & Cosmetics

Curenex Rejuvenating Mask


Skin Care & Cosmetics

Curenex Skin Booster

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Fat Dissolving

Curenex Lipo

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Curenex corrects skin defects around the eyes, neck, and hands. The product contains an optimized HA formula that helps damaged skin recover quickly. The hyaluronic acid content of this product helps to maintain skin moisture and nourishment. It also gives the skin a lifting effect in contour areas.

It also contains lidocaine to enhance an undetected syringe administration and to provide a solution for painful treatments.

This injection acts as a booster for skin regeneration, correcting issues like wrinkles, lines, and tired eyes. The product enhances your under-eye appearance, giving you a younger and healthier look.

Key Benefits of Curenex

  • The injection strengthens the skin barrier and minimizes pores to smooth the skin.
  • It helps in skin lifting and lip contour augmentation for a healthier facial appearance.
  • The product improves skin texture and tone quality by regenerating cells, thanks to the PN content.
  • The collagen component helps to enhance skin beauty through optimal elasticity.
  • It helps to reduce facial lines and wrinkles that contribute to aging.

Who is Curenex for?

  • If you have tired eyes with wrinkles underneath, this product will correct them.
  • It is good for those with a low pain threshold, as the lidocaine provides an analgesic effect.
  • Beauty professionals can use it to improve skin tone and texture.